Global Justice and Social Justice: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on the Relationship

Oxford University, 7-8 September 2007

Hosted by the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, and the Global Justice Network, the workshop explored theoretical and empirical perspectives on the relationship between global justice and social justice.



Ayelet Banai, Miriam Ronzoni and Christian Schemmel



Andrew Hurrell, Oxford
“Global Social Justice and the Changing Character of the International Society”

David Miller, Oxford
“Social Justice *versus* Global Justice?”

Prof. Thomas Pogge, Columbia
“Growth is Good! — But what Growth?”

Philippe Van Parijs, Louvain
“Do factual trends affect what global justice requires?”



Clara Brandi, European University Institute
“The World Trade Organization as a Subject of Distributive Justice”

Gillian Brock, Auckland
“Compatriot Priority, Health in Developing Countries, and our Global Responsibilities”

Simon Caney, Oxford
“Distributive Justice and the Moral Relevance of Global Inequalities: Extending Principles of Justice from the Domestic to the Global Realm”

Norman Daniels, Harvard
“International Health Inequalities and Global Justice: A Challenge”

Peter Dietsch, Montreal
“Tax Competition and its Effects on Domestic and Global Justice”

Joseph Joyce, Wellesley College
“What’s Fair? Legitimacy and Distributive Justice in the Global Economy”

Kate MacDonald, Oxford
“Transnational social justice beyond bounded societies: a relational, multi-level model”

Mark Mattner, McGill
“Oil Exploration in Chad: A Case Study of Resource Redistribution in a Failed State”

Darrel Moellendorf, San Diego
“The Demands of Equal Respect in Political and Economic Associations”

Andrea Sangiovanni, Cambridge
“International Distributive Justice and the European Union”

Paul Segal, Oxford
“Inequality and Poverty the World Over: An Overview”

Simon Tormey and Andrew Robinson, Nottingham
“Resisting “Global Justice”: how contemporary movements disrupt the emancipatory logic of the West”



Social Justice, Global Dynamics: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives, edited by Ayelet Banai, Miriam Ronzoni and Christian Schemmel (London: Routledge, 2011)