Mission Statement

The Global Justice Network was founded in 2006.  It is an association of scholars aiming to facilitate communication, exchange and debate on global justice. Through its open access journal Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric  and regular workshops, the Network promotes and makes available accessible research and knowledge on some of the most burning issues in contemporary international politics.

These include, but are not limited to: the ethics and politics of international trade, labour and investment; the international distribution of wealth and the causes of poverty; development politics; the use of natural resources, and environmental sustainability.

In sum, the Network is concerned with the political challenges that reach beyond states, affect the lives and wellbeing of a significant part of the world’s population, and raise serious moral concerns and grievances which require international action and policy making.

To help address these issues and challenges, the contribution of the Network is to make knowledge about them and about possible solutions accessible and available – across academic disciplines that often lack open channels of communication with one another, and beyond academia to policy makers and the public.

The Network is particularly interested in contributions by, and cooperation with, scholars in disciplines beyond political theory, such as international politics and relations, international law, and international and development economics, and with scholars and activists from regions beyond North America, Europe, and Australia.