Reinforcing Migrants’ Rights? The EU’s Migration and Development Policy Under Review


  • Katharina Eisele



This article critically discusses the role and place of migrants’ rights in the EU’s evolving migration and development policy under the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM) pursued by the EU.1 The GAMM, which aims to govern migration flows from outside of the EU more effectively, incorporates the field of migration and development as one of four pillars. Only in November of 2011, however, the human rights of migrants were explicitly acknowledged as a cross-cutting theme within the GAMM, which before paid little attention – not to say neglected – the protection of such rights. This contribution analyses how the linkage between migration and development evolved on the international and European level, highlights the EU’s interests in such a policy, and explains the pitfalls of disregarding the protection of migrants’ rights in this context. The article argues that the ‘development burden’ should not be placed on immigrant populations without guaranteeing their secure legal status in the host countries.